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SpacePharma’s mini-labs enable microgravity research on nanosatellites

SpacePharma is expanding access to microgravity for research and development with its mGnify platform, which offers remotely-controlled, end-to-end mini labs. SpacePharma claims the mGnify (pronounced “magnify”) platform offers a laboratory that is “smaller, more efficient and more cost-effective than any other available space laboratory in existence today.”… This content is available to subscribers only. Sign […]

Exos gears up for test flight of SARGE

Exos Aerospace Systems and Technologies is angling to make its debut in the suborbital launch market. The company has spent the past decade and $14 million to build a reusable suborbital launch vehicle, dubbed SARGE: Suborbital Autonomous Rocket with Guidance. SARGE has passed a number of testing milestones, and the company is now gearing up […]

LEO satellite broadband will be disruptive, if successful

A new crop of non-geostationary satellites could see the emergence of a new broadband market in low Earth orbit. SpaceX, Boeing, OneWeb, LeoSat and Telesat are five would-be satellite broadband service providers that have received FCC authorization for deploying broadband service in the US. If successful, these providers are poised to disrupt the current satellite […]

NASA mulls next steps in ISS privatization

Earlier this year, Robyn Gatens, NASA’s ISS deputy director, gave a presentation outlining the options that NASA is considering. So, does NASA have a plan for the ISS? Not exactly… This content is available to subscribers only. Sign in to your account. Not a subscriber? Sign up here.

Big rockets will take us the Moon

After a successful test flight last week, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy has reinvigorated the public’s interest spaceflight development. But what does the rocket’s development mean for commercial space? With its lower price points — the Falcon Heavy flies for $90 million, while its competitors fly about three times that — SpaceX has once again injected a […]

Congress calls into question NASA’s public-private partnerships

Proponents of commercial space development argue that there are long term benefits to engaging with the private sector in developing space technologies. And there’s plenty of proof that incorporating more private providers and vendors has already paid off for NASA. One of the big questions Congressional members had for NASA at the hearing was simple: […]

With smallsat boom, NASA launches pilot Earth science data program

NASA will begin a pilot program this spring to determine whether the agency wants to purchase Earth observation data from the leagues of private small satellites that are orbiting the planet. Twin trends of decreased costs to access space and advancements made in satellite technology has spurred considerable growth in the private smallsat sector. Meanwhile, […]

Advances in suborbital flight will open up new global markets

Experts are predicting a new age of space research as US-based space companies inch closer to offering frequent suborbital flights for commercial, research and academic uses. Amidst a brewing battle between private space firms in the US, Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin and Richard Branson-backed Virgin Galactic are both making strides in their respective — and […]