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Space is the next frontier for many businesses, but in an industry defined by constantly evolving technology and policy, it can be hard to cut through the “chatter” of regurgitated press releases and marketing campaigns to build useful, contextualized information sets. You don’t need to know about the next scheduled launch: you need to know how that launch affects you and your business. The Downlink works to filter the deluge of information, and to put advances in space technology into perspective. Your perspective.

The Downlink provides focus across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, from space-enabled manufacturing to communications innovations, domestic and international space policy to the relationships between those programs and the businesses taking us to orbit and beyond. We understand that advances made in one sector, such as deep space exploration and the efforts to achieve Mars, often have impacts on other sectors, such as satellite maintenance and 3D printing.

With technology, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds when you are trying to reach for the stars. That’s why context is our main deliverable: we cover what you need to know, but also why you need to know it. In a field this competitive, context is critical. And there are plenty of places to find regurgitated press releases online, but you won’t find them here. Whether it’s a long-form Q&A with an engineer, a business profile, or an investigative feature, our online content consists of original reportage and analysis.

Our Writers

Kendra R Chamberlain, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief

Kendra R Chamberlain
Kendra R Chamberlain

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Downlink, Kendra Chamberlain covers New Space business and technology developments. She’s spent six years covering emerging and enabling technologies in the telecom sector. Kendra also writes about renewable energy technologies and smart infrastructure. kendra@thedownlink.co




David S Lewis, CO-Founder and Editor

David S Lewis

After navigating several successful print start-ups through the recession, David moved to freelance work, with an emphasis on investigative work and policy.  A journalist and editor for over a dozen years, he has also consulted for cybersecurity companies, specializing in business strategies. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he believes terrestrial unity will be enabled by increase in space exploration. david@thedownlink.co



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